• A close-up photo of oyster spat, or young oysters, attached to ropes suspended in the water at an oyster farm in Chioggia, Venice.
  • Private Boat Tour in Canal Vena Chioggia for hen party
  • A group of tourists on a boat tour visiting an oyster farm in Chioggia, Italy. They are learning about the process of oyster cultivation from a local fisherman.
  • A close-up photo of a small oyster gently held in a fisherman's hand, showcasing the delicate beauty of these marine treasures.
  • A captivating image showcasing the picturesque Canal Vena in Chioggia, Venice, adorned with vibrant Venetian-style buildings and traversed by charming bridges.

Move Like A Local

Discover Venetian Lagoon from the point of view of the Locals

Unveiling Chioggia’s Hidden Gems: Experience Authentic Venetian Charm with Bosetti Tours

Escape the Crowds & Discover the Authentic Venetian Lagoon

Venice is a captivating destination, but have you ever considered exploring its authentic counterpart, Chioggia? Nestled just south of Venice, Chioggia offers a unique blend of Venetian charm and genuine Italian character, free from the throngs of tourists. With Bosetti Tours, you’ll embark on unforgettable sailing experiences that unveil Chioggia’s hidden gems and showcase its authentic beauty.

Bosetti Tours isn’t your average sightseeing company. We offer unique sailing experiences in Chioggia and the Venetian Lagoon, designed for travelers seeking an authentic adventure. Unlike large tourist boats, we navigate aboard traditional local vessels with limited seating. This allows us to venture into hidden canals, shallow waterways, and secluded lagoon areas inaccessible to classic tourist boats.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture & Breathtaking Beauty of Chioggia

Our tours go beyond stunning landscapes. We weave local anecdotes and curiosities into your journey, creating a rich tapestry of Chioggia’s culture and heritage. Choose from captivating experiences like:

Unveiling Chioggia’s Charm By Boat: Explore Chioggia’s vibrant heart and navigate its picturesque canals, soaking in the local atmosphere.

Golden Hour In The Venetian Lagoon By Boat: Witness the mesmerizing transformation of the lagoon as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Tour To Pellestrina In A Typical Lagoon Boat From Chioggia : Discover fisherman’s life in Pellestrina, a thin stretch of land between the Mediterean sea and the lagoon, take a look to the famous  stone dam known as “Murazzi” from our typical boat.

Unique Destinations & Unforgettable Memories

With our nimble boats, you can explore hidden gems beyond Chioggia. Discover the charming island of Pellestrina, or cruise to the Lido di Venice, the gateway to the historic city. Explore breathtaking landscapes in secluded lagoon areas, and visit iconic landmarks like the Casone Millecampi hunting lodge, Casone Zappa, and the ruins of Primeposte.

Why Choose Bosetti Tours for Your Authentic Boat  Experience?

Authentic Experiences: We prioritize genuine local experiences over mass tourism.

Hidden Gems & Untouched Beauty: Explore areas inaccessible to larger vessels.

Limited-Seat Tours: Enjoy personalized attention and a comfortable atmosphere.

Insider Knowledge: Learn fascinating stories and local secrets from our passionate staff.

Sustainable Practices: We operate with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Book Your Authentic Lagoon Adventure Today!

Ready to experience Chioggia and the Venetian Lagoon like a local? Browse our tours and discover the magic that awaits. Create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime as you unveil the true Venice in Chioggia with Bosetti Tours.

Boat Tours in Venice Lagoon

Move like a local

Enjoy the visit of Chioggia, Pellestrina and the amazing Venice Lagoon on a typical local boat only for small groups: intimate, authentic and unique experiences! 

Tailored Services On Demand

Move like a local

Bosetti Tours can organize tailor-made trips for individuals and companies according to your needs! Tell us what you would like and we will gladly recommend you thanks to our experience.

Partners for additional services

Move Like A Local

If you need we have partner for luggage store and taxi transfer. We will provide you with contacts details so you can arrange your schedule.

We offer our tours in Italian, English, French and Spanish 

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Beautiful location and wonderful tour around the islands without all the people! Taking a boat to see outside the main area was such a delight and a highlight of our trip!


Recent Tourist

Great boat tour of Chioggia, worth every penny! As a solo traveler it was very fun to talk with a local who knew the best places to go and things to do.


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Customer Reviews

Great experience, thank you! would definitely recommend to those looking to catch a glimpse at parts of Chioggia you might not normally see


Recent Tourist

It was a great experience! Damiano was really knowledgeable and friendly and gave an amazing tour. The views were awesome. Would absolutely recommend!


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